Advice for our Grads

Advice for our Grads

  When I was a new mom the best piece of advice I ever got was, “the days are long but the years are short” and now, in June,  as my baby girl is finishing Kindergarten, I wonder where all the time has gone.   As educators, during this time of year,  we are...

2×10 with WellAhead     WellAhead is a philanthropic initiative of the J.W. McConnell family Foundation that aims to improve child and youth mental health by integrating wellbeing into school...

What is Positive Education?

  What is “Positive Education”? I like to tout myself as a ‘positive educator.’   But what does that mean, really?  Aren’t all educators positive and supportive.  Shouldn’t all educators encourage their students to learn in a positive and creative way?  Positive...

A practice to keep you grounded, even amongst the chaos.

When all else is crazy around you, keep this 5-minute meditation as your gift.  Enjoy Lisa’s voice for a grounding of your feet to the floor - anywhere, anytime.

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