AWE Retreats

AWE (Awaken Wellbeing for Educators) invites all educators to attend an AWEsome, purposeful day of heart-centred nourishment and stillness.

AWEsome Wellbeing Educator Retreat 

Our world needs educators who model compassion, mindfulness, and self-care for the health of our children:  Educators who model wellbeing!

Too often we sacrifice our own wellbeing for that of our students, our families, and all the expectations on us. It’s time to give yourself permission for a day of nourishment.


Contact Lisa to book a retreat for your school or district.

AWE retreats are on hold for now due to COVID - stay tuned!

AWE (Awaken Wellbeing for Educators) hosts retreats for all Educators to create purposeful days of stillness that build awareness and resiliency in the life of the busy Educator.


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