Resources and information about resiliency, self-care and mindful self-compassion .

Self-Compassion Break

Our days can be full of challenges and stressors. Self-compassion supports the fact that everyone struggles and suffers as a component of being a human being. It is unavoidable at times. Sometimes we forget that this is a human condition, and we fall into the trap of...

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Quieting the inner critic

This weekend I was on a writing retreat, working hard on editing the manuscript for the book I want to put into the world. I'm so excited about this work, but throughout the weekend I was filled with doubts. My inner-critic was strong and I was being very hard on...

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This week I did something new. I decided to go LIVE on Instagram to share a mindfulness and compassion practice. I was so nervous. Brene Brown calls these first-time experiences the FFT (fucking first times). They are terrifying, awkward and vulnerable. She shares...

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Pandemic Pendulum

"Nothing about living day-to-day in a pandemic feels normal – but we can choose to meet our suffering, worry and grief with compassion, kindness, and love" This is a new world we are existing in right now. As an educator, counsellor, and parent, nothing about living...

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AWE Method: Anchoring our Awareness

Educators are realizing that their wellbeing is important.  They are starting to prioritize self-care as a means of professional and personal development. The ultimate act of self-care is a self-compassion practice, where we as educators learn to treat ourselves...

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Educator Resiliency

Educator Resiliency: My story September is almost over.  How quickly we forget that we’ve had two months to recharge as we fall back into the daily routine in schools. The summertime seemed to have slipped out the door when we reentered our classrooms.  It’s amazing...

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First Day Back to School

Did you make it through that first long day of school?  I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted, my kids are exhausted and it already feels like we’ve hit the ground running.  My son came home from school today and asked, “could just do something fun this evening,...

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Five Back to School Practices for Educators and Parents

Back to school is a busy time for educators and parents.  And, if you’re like me and live both of these roles the busyness can sometimes feel overwhelming and anxious. For educators this time is full of planning lessons, setting up classrooms, organizing schedules and...

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Connection in a time of missed connections.

I missed my flight home today.  It almost broke me. I stood at the counter as the lady rebooked me for a later flight home which would stop me from being able to see my kids tonight, and then charged me full price for another ticket, with tears streaming down my...

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A practice to keep you grounded, even amongst the chaos.

When all else is crazy around you, keep this 5-minute meditation as your gift.  Enjoy Lisa’s voice for a grounding of your feet to the floor - anywhere, anytime.

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