“Happy teachers change the world.”



Authentic and sustainable strategies for educators to integrate wellbeing into their personal and professional lives, therefore creating a culture of resliency.

Mindful self-Compassion

MSC combines the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance our capacity for emotional wellbeing


Educators work tirelessly to support students in our classrooms, often forgetting or neglecting to take care of ourselves in the process. We suffer from burnout and easily become overwhelmed beneath the weight of our responsibilities.

As an educator, Lisa helps support you to build resiliency, awaken wellbeing and feel in control of both your life and classroom.

From the Blog

Permission to Pause

We need to let go of the expectation that we can do it all. We can’t. We can only do one or two things well at a given time. To improve our well-being, we need to learn to set boundaries, realize that “less is more,” and practice “going slow to move forward.”  In...

Giving and Receiving Compassion

As educators, during challenging times, we often forgo our own well-being to support others. This leads to added stress, overwhelm and illness. The most important practice we can remember is that we need to find a way to care for ourselves so we can care for others....

Gratitude Meditation

This is a year like no other. In a recent article by the CBC, they share that “Teachers say return to school this fall has left them with overwhelming stress and a never-ending workload” and whether living in hot spots or areas with few cases, teachers are all...

A practice to keep you grounded, even amongst the chaos.

When all else is crazy around you, keep this 5-minute meditation as your gift.  Enjoy Lisa’s voice for a grounding of your feet to the floor - anywhere, anytime.

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