“Happy teachers change the world.”



Authentic and sustainable strategies for educators to integrate wellbeing into their personal and professional lives, therefore creating a culture of resliency.


An invitation to all educators to attend an AWEsome day of heart-centred nourishment and stillness with AWE (Awaken Wellbeing for Educators)


Educators work tirelessly to support students in our classrooms, often forgetting or neglecting to take care of ourselves in the process. We suffer from burnout and easily become overwhelmed beneath the weight of our responsibilities.

As an educator, Lisa helps support you to build resiliency, awaken wellbeing and feel in control of both your life and classroom.

From the Blog

Educator Resiliency

Educator Resiliency: My story September is almost over.  How quickly we forget that we’ve had two months to recharge as we fall back into the daily routine in schools. The summertime seemed to have slipped out the door when we reentered our classrooms.  It’s amazing...

First Day Back to School

Did you make it through that first long day of school?  I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted, my kids are exhausted and it already feels like we’ve hit the ground running.  My son came home from school today and asked, “could just do something fun this evening,...

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