6-Week Online Program

Courageous Compassion for Educators


Self-Compassion is linked to more stable resilience. It’s also a predictor of well-being.
Are you ready to change your life for the better by learning the practices of being kind to yourself amongst the challenges?

The last several years for educators have been so challenging as we all had to navigate a global pandemic. Educators were asked to shift and change constantly to meet the needs of their students and staff in a safe way.

As we move forward from the pandemic, how will you move forward with intention, compassion and courage? 

It is clear from the research that what educators need now is connection, positive presence and compassionate practice in order to rebuild resilience and sustain their well-being to continue sustainably working in schools. 

Prioritizing a culture of compassion, awareness and presence will be the foundation of a supportive learning community.  

There is no quick fix to the world, the education system, or the challenging relationships around us.

However, there are readily available practices on how we meet each of these challenges with greater ease, a sense of control and a kinder mindset. 

I see you!

I know how difficult it has been and how hard you’ve worked. You feel like a:


Tired and overwhelmed teacher looking for ways to manage all the emotions and feelings you have in and out of the classroom


You have heard about mindfulness and maybe it just hasn’t worked for you, but you are curious about this concept of self-compassion and want to learn more


You tend to be ruled by your inner-critic and your perfectionist thinking and you’re tired about trying to always keep it together


You know you need to care for yourself but you just can’t seem to find the time, the space, the commitment or the energy to keep it going


You no longer want to feel alone in your journey to growing wellness as a priority

You may be asking yourself, is there anything that I don’t know already?

Many of these concepts you may know in your head, but have you ever been taught how to feel kindness towards yourself, to act in a warm and loving way, to connect with your inner-critic, to practice self-compassion? This course will move you from knowing to feeling it, practicing it, owning it and living it.

You may also ask yourself, do I have the time for this?

The Dalai Lama once said that if you don’t have 10 minutes to meditate you should probably find an hour. 
Time is a precious commodity. This course is laid out for you to show up once a week for an hour, the rest is all self-paced. You can do this!

I don’t want you to feel like this is one more thing in your life.

I can guarantee that if you show up for an hour each week, you will discover practices that will change your life.

There will be an invitation to start paying attention to the aspects of your life that are challenging and to meet them with a sense of warmth, ease, and comfort. This won’t be one more thing, but the beginning of a lifelong commitment to kindness and compassion towards yourself.

You get:


Weekly PDFs with practices to read


Weekly recorded self-compassion practices led by Lisa


Weekly LIVE online community of practice together with Lisa leading and facilitating the full session


Added resources to support learning


An outline of what you need to deeply care for yourself in and out of your classroom.


Weekly journals to reflect and connect your learning along the way

You will walk away feeling:

  • Assured from the science-backed practices that will lead you to meet the challenging moments with warmth.
  • Grounded in your practice through the techniques designed to reduce fatigue, stress, and overwhelm while applying strategies to transform difficult relationships.
  • Able to respond to negative thought patterns with self-kindness and utilize compassion as a motivation rather than self-criticism.
  • Confident to integrate these core practices into your daily life.

Know your body

(physical well-being)

  • Mindful practice: Body scan
  • How to approach this course
  • Components of self-compassion
  • What is Fierce compassion?
  • Dealing with doubts of self-compassion
  • Physiology of self-compassion
  • Practice: Soothing Touch
  • Exercise: Self-compassion in daily life

Know your mind

(intellectual well-being)

  • Mindful practice: Affectionate breathing
  • What happens when self-compassion doesn’t work 
  • Paying attention at the moment
  • Mindfulness in daily life
  • Practice: Self-compassion break
  • Exercise: RAIN

Know your inner critic

(emotional well-being part 1)

  • Mindful Practice: Loving-kindness for a Loved one
  • Working with your inner-critic
  • Practice: Knowing your inner-critic
  • Exercise: Motivating ourselves with compassion 

Know your Emotions 

(emotional well-being part 2)

  • Mindful practice: Body Scan
  • Moving towards acceptance
  • Practice: Soften, Soothe, and Allow
  • Exercise: Working with Difficult Emotions 

Know your relationships

(relational well-being)

  • Mindful Practice: One for me/One for you
  • Understanding burnout 
  • Disconnection/connection in relationships
  • Practice: Compassion with equanimity
  • Exercise: Power of Equanimity

Know your values

(spiritual well-being)

  • Mindful practice: Compassionate Friend
  • What’s important: Living within your Values
  • Setting an Intention
  • Practice: Playing with gratitude
  • Moving forward


$225 CDN plus taxes 

Your mindfulness & self-compassion instructor:

Lisa Baylis

Lisa has a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Her work involves creating positive change in and out of schools by supporting the well-being of educators, while simultaneously building resiliency and restoring the joy of teaching. Currently, she is a high school counsellor within the Greater Victoria School District. Trained by mindful self-compassion pioneers Chris Germer and Kristin Neff, Lisa is also a certified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher. She is the author of the best selling book “Self-Compassion for Educators” which is available now.

 Hear what past program participants have to say…

Consider this opportunity to start your 2023 year with prioritizing yourself! Learn to build your own skills of self-compassion and ripple this learning throughout your staff and students in your district.

“This course is awesome place to start living with more self-compassion, exploring these values and getting concrete tools to help in the moment.”

“Its a course on learning how to be with the ups and downs of life, and learning how to relate to yourself and your struggles in a kind and loving way.”

“If you’re a people pleaser and are burnt out don’t give up…the resources shared here are powerful. We can practice self compassion daily to improve the quality of kindness we give to ourselves. Lisa has a wonderful way of sharing wisdom and the breakout groups help us consolidate the learning without the pressure of a large group. Thanks for these valuable insights. Hope to take other courses with you in the future.”

I would like to say thank you very much for offering this course. I truly enjoyed this. I feel I will be able to take all that was passed along to me and use it in my school role and in my personal life. Being kind to ourselves is extremely difficult, but since starting this journey 6-weeks ago, I feel better. I know it is ok to stop and just take a moment. I can stop and count to ten. I have noticed I am listening with more intent rather just hurrying people along. Thank you again

“This is a vital course, preferably would be mandatory for all humans!”

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Who is this course open to? Is it just for teachers?

This course is open to anyone working in schools (pre-service to post-secondary) and is interested in deepening their own mindfulness and compassion practices to support their lifelong wellness journey. If you work in education and want to grow your resilience through self-compassion practices, this course is for you!

What are the course objectives?

– To offer high-quality trauma-informed instruction and personal guidance that creates the conditions for educators of all backgrounds to deepen their own mindfulness and self-compassion practice.

– To provide practical training and transformational experiences that make it possible for educators to skilfully embody, and practice self-compassion in and out of the classroom.

– To enable meaningful connection in the community to support a feeling of common humanity and shared struggle.

When does this course run? How much time is needed?

Content opens on Monday, April 3rd and each week’s content continues to become available on consecutive Tuesdays. All content is available until May 31st, 2023

  • Each week has 15-20 minutes of reading/watching and practicing content
  • 1-hour every week LIVE online session over 6 weeks from 7:30 – 8:30 pm PST

How often do course participants meet? When are the LIVE calls?

Each week we will meet for one-hour at 7:30 – 8:30 pm PST via zoom:

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023
Tuesday, April 11th, 2023
Tuesday, April 18th, 2023
Tuesday, April 25th, 2023
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023
Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

All zoom calls will be recorded and posted in the classroom for later viewing.

How long do I have access to the material?

Upon registration, you have 2 months to fully absorb and download all materials

Is this course self-paced?

Learning materials are self-paced and can be completed on your own time throughout each week. Weekly Live sessions are scheduled for set times and will be recorded.

Can i bring a group of educators to the course?

Yes, contact Lisa directly for group rates

Where does the course take place?

All sessions are offered online via zoom and all curriculum, materials, and the content will be hosted through a web-based service.

Who is teaching the course?

The course is taught by Lisa Baylis

Can I contact the instructor throughout the couse?

YES! We encourage you to contact Lisa.

Lisa is available for questions, mentorship, and support throughout the course. Her contact information will be given upon registration.

What is the cost of this couse?


$225 CDN plus taxes

What is your refund policy?

We understand life can throw curve balls and plans can change. That’s we offer a full refund minus a $50 administration fee IF you’re not fully satisfied by April 15th (2 weeks) into the course). We require written notification prior to April 15th to qualify for this refund.

If you decide to withdraw from the course after April 15th there will be no refund.

What tools are required to participate?

You will need a computer and we recommend a laptop or desktop for the live zoom sessions. iPads, iPhones and Chrome books have limited views and features. Ensure you have privacy, a quiet space, and will not be interrupted during the sessions.

Will I receive a certificate in the end?

Yes, everyone who fully participates and completes all the content will receive a certificate of completion at the end

What learning is available after this course ends?

We encourage you to check our the Year-Long Mindfulness program to continue your learning in community

This course is built for the busy educator in mind by an educator with over 20 years in the system.

Lisa knows what it is like to manage the heavy demands of teaching and knows how hard it was to work through the global-pandemic. She wants to ensure you have the practices to support you moving forward in your career. Lisa knows that the greatest gift we can give ourselves is kindness and to our students is our presence. She wants to help you learn how to establish these both as practices, habits and lifestyles in and out of your classroom. 

Content will be opened up weekly to read when you have the time and all sessions will be recorded for you to watch or catch if you miss them. (I get it – parent/teacher or staff meetings come up all the time when we want to be learning!)


Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out and email Lisa with any questions regarding this program. info(at)lisabaylis.com


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