This past school year was a tough year for me, and the worst part was nothing really bad happened.  I came back to work last September tired and weary and said yes to everything – the wants, the shoulds, the “have to’s” which left me feeling resentful.  I was emotionally vulnerable which was causing strain in my relationships and left me feeling weary and tired.  And, then I had two hard falls, which injured me quite badly and left me in constant pain.  Physical pain, emotional weariness, and an overall burnout caused my resiliency to plummet.

Feeling resiliently low can have a major impact on our social, emotional and physical health.  And, as an educator when we are unwell in our personal life it makes it hard to be well in our professional life.

This summer I decided to put away my “shoulds” with my winter boots and bring back out my running shoes so I could race my way back to wellness.

So, running has been a big part of my well-being routine and the rebuilding of my resiliency.  I want to start back to work this September feeling strong, healthy and ready to take on the many challenges and celebrations schools bring without being emotionally vulnerable.

I’m not fast.  I’m not out to break records.  But I am out to challenge myself and see if I can hold myself to being accountable to putting physical exercise as a mandatory part of my routine.

I’m holidays in Montreal right now – but still making time for a run along the rails.  Where is your wellness routine taking you??

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