This week I did something new. I decided to go LIVE on Instagram to share a mindfulness and compassion practice. I was so nervous.

Brene Brown calls these first-time experiences the FFT (fucking first times). They are terrifying, awkward and vulnerable. She shares that when we only do things we are good at, we stop growing.

I was ready to try something new. And now, I’ve made the commitment to keep growing and learning.

I’m hearing from so many educators that this school year already has been harder, more exhausting, and more overwhelming than ever before. Fair enough – there is still a pandemic going on!  So I wanted to offer something to support our teachers, leaders and educators that would help them to feel less stressed and more present.

It’s not perfect.  It’s a first go.  I need to work on lighting and have fewer jitters… but it’s a starting point for you and me to connect. And I am so looking forward to doing this weekly.  Please join me every Tuesday at 7:45 (pst) on Instagram.


For this first practice I wanted to talk about priorities. When we figure out what’s really important in our lives and we put it first, what we discover is that we actually have more time for the things that really matter. But Lisa, you’re thinking, isn’t everything important.  Well, dear friend, I would invite you to think about what makes you feel well and happy in your life and make more space for that. We don’t have to attend to every buzz, and call, and ask of us. It’s okay to pause and discover what it is you truly need in the moment and then do that first. Sometimes all the other noise makes it harder for us to really know what’s important.

So, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed with a thousands things on your list. Pause for a moment.  Take a deep nourishing breath and ask yourself, “what’s a priority at this very moment?”  “what do I need right now to be okay?”

Maybe, the pause and the breath might be just enough.

Drop your shoulders dears ones… take that breath… and take your time.

This pandemic is not a race.  In fact, let’s prioritize ourselves right now – what would that feel like?
Enjoy the practice.


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