Practices from the book

As educators, we are constantly bombarded with stress and overwhelm.  Even finding the time and space to pause can sometimes feel “one-more-thing.”  Below is a compilation of  mindful self-compassion meditations found in the book “Self-Compassion for Educators.”
Many of the practices are informal practices you can do any place and any time.

Three-Part Awareness.

Sit and Know You’re Sitting.

CALM Body Scan.

Grounding Our Feet

Self-Compassion Break.

Loving-Kindness for a Loved One

Finding Loving- Kindness Phrases

Finding Loving-Kindness Phrases

This practice is 8 minutes

Giving and Receiving Compassion

Giving and Receiving Compassion

This practice is 16 minutes

Compassionate Friend

Meeting Difficult Emotions with Courage

Getting Curious 

Getting to Know your Critical Voice

Using Anchors to support our Critical Voice

This practice is 18 minutes

Appreciating Strengths

Appreciating Stengths

coming soon

Compassion with Equanimity

Compassion with Equanimity

coming soon

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