Teacher Talk with Chip Baker on the importance of celebrating successes and learning from our challenges.

This conversation on “Teacher Talk” with Chip Baker centered around the importance of celebrating successes and learning from our challenges.

Chip Baker is a fourth-generation educator, a speaker, host of the Success Chronicles Podcast, host of the Radio 111.7 Show, a Coach/Trainer for the John Gordon Power of Positive Leadership, and the author of multiple books, videos, and resources.

My top takeaways on teacher success from this talk with Chip :

  • Your positive influence has an impact on other people’s success
  • Know your WHY… especially when you’re “growing through” a challenging time
  • Celebrate your growth!
  • You are enough.

Watch the video at the end of the blog post

Your Positive Influence Impacts Other’s Success

What fun it was to speak with Chip!

His success started with watching other people succeed. He was intrigued by how the successful people around him moved and acted and it propelled him to continue to share the stories of success so others could see that it is possible to be a positive influence.

Get to the 3:35 min mark as it is a great spot for a giggle – listen to what Chip shares about his connection to positivity and trying to avoid negativity!

I love how he explains that we have the ability to be the thermostat and not the thermometer – we need to learn to control the temperature – in other words, be in charge of our own mindset, actions, and behaviors, in order to influence others.

This has a ripple effect outward and it supports the ability to have a positive influence and impact as an educator.

Know Your Why for Success.

Chip believes, as educators, we should know our why for greater teacher success by:

  1. First
    being intentional about being intentional – each moment each day is an opportunity to step into our courage to positively influence others.
  2. Second
    striving to make a positive influence in our world for the kids around us.

I asked him “what about when it’s hard? How do you intentionally show up to be a positive influence when you’re struggling?”

I loved his reminders on how to dig deep to reach success:

  • Knowing your WHY
  • Remember we aren’t immune from “growing through” hard things – instead of the pity and woe-is-me mindset, turn towards growth with courage.
  • Tough times don’t last – tough people do!

If you’re not sure about your WHY or your priorities, check out this meditation I led to help us tap back into what’s important.

Celebrate Your Growth and your Success

Chip keeps it simple when it’s hard as an educator.

He believes less equals more and reminds us to go back to the systems in place by which we operate and the common values we believe in, then regardless of what comes our way we tune into our beliefs.

Then once you know what’s important to you, do more of that. Lastly, celebrate your growth by having an attitude of gratitude

He reminds us that when we have the opportunity to “grow through hard things” it is because pressure and stress are a privilege. We need to remember our privilege in moments that are hard!

Tough times are actually just tough moments. 

You have control over how you respond to the bad moment – you decide that. 
Your response to situations is within your control.”

chip baker

At the end of the interview I asked Chip what his key nuggets or advice would be to educators… and he delivered:

  • Take care of people who take care of people
  • You’re enough! You’re a one of one!!! You’re special!
  • There is beauty in our differences too.

Do the best that you can, to be the best version of yourself, so you can be the best version of yourself for others. What a reminder for those challenging moments and hard days. You’ve got this friends.

If you want to watch more of my Teacher Talk Interviews, feel free to check them out on my Youtube Channel.

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