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Lisa Baylis bridges Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to support leaders, schools and the entire educational ecosystem.

Bring your most passionate leaders together to build their skills of self-compassion and ripple the learning throughout both the staff and students.

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About Lisa

Lisa Baylis is a self compassion educator, best-selling author of Self-Compassion for Educators, and has been a school teacher and counsellor in the education system for the last twenty years.

As the creator of Compassion Coaching for Leaders, Lisa will leverage content and coaching, to support participants to put compassion into action within their school district by using powerful, evidence-based compassionate leadership principles, experiential tools, and practices.

Compassion is the most consistent, but underappreciated characteristic of successful people across occupations, and the profound benefits of practicing compassion include more constructive relationships, improved intelligence and increased resilience.

— Dr. Christopher Cook

91% (of leaders) said compassion is very important for leadership, and 80% would like to enhance their compassion but do not know how.

— Power Can Corrupt Leaders. Compassion Can Save Them, Harvard Business Review

Compassion is the quality of having positive intentions and real concern for others. Compassion in leadership creates stronger connections between people. It improves collaboration, raises levels of trust, and enhances loyalty. In addition, studies find that compassionate leaders are perceived as stronger and more competent.

Compassion on its own is not enough. For effective leadership,compassion must be combined with wisdom. Wisdom is grown through community, practice and embodying self-compassion. It is grown over time and can’t be found in a one-session learning experience.

— R. Hougaard, J. Carter, and N. Hobson: Authors of Compassionate Leadership.

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