by: Karley Alleyn


AWE’s first weekend retreat provided a beautiful opportunity to nourish my body, mind and soul as I relaxed in the sea and sun soaked environment at Weir’s Beach Lodge in Metchosin, BC. The location alone was certainly a highlight for me, but the intentional teaching and learning, paired with excellent company, made the retreat weekend an incredible experience overall. Throughout the weekend long retreat guests were able to participate in: several guided meditations, many beach walks, three yoga classes, both vision boarding and joy journaling sessions, and self-compassion presentations/practices. Personally, I found the self-compassion sessions to be quite intense, but my learning from that experience has been profound. I have since been able to make peace with aspects of my teenaged self that I didn’t realize were still standing in my way. I am grateful to Lisa for so graciously holding space for me as I rode the waves that are generally associated with transformative retreat experiences.

I loved the attention to subtle details at this AWE retreat; in my opinion, everything from the carefully crafted journals to the delicious, healthy meals really allowed the guests permission to settle and focus inward. I also enjoyed having the space and opportunity to be social or to spend time in solitude. This AWE retreat was truly flexible in that while the weekend’s schedule was planned, nothing was completely “set in stone”, so to speak. This relaxed, yet intentional, approach really allowed me to inquire deeper into topics I was more curious about without feeling like I had to move on to the next activity or discussion before I was ready.

After a weekend away to rest, learn, connect and reflect I felt able to peacefully enter back in to my life as a full-time working mama, wife, educator and friend. I came back home with the reminder that I need to take the time to restore myself in order to be able to give to others, which is what I truly live for and wholeheartedly love to do.

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