(all images - Photography by Angela McConnell)

AWE was created this year to support the wellbeing of educators. We believe when teachers are happy, students will learn better.

AWE works with educators who believe in heart-centred learning. Ones who want to take the time to be self-aware, present and happy. These educators will create the ripple effect of wellness throughout our schools.

These day and weekend long retreats give permission to educators to have a purposeful day of heart-centered nourishment and stillness.

“I deeply thank you for the opportunity to be just be.  I have developed a sense of myself I look forward to moving ahead with.  With the utmost respect, I say thanks for this day!”


Our April retreat took place at The Roundhouse Fam.  A local, Victoria retreat space that instantly supports nature, stillness and a sense of calm even within the pouring rain.  Educators get outside for mindful nature walks amongst this beautiful setting.

Lunch is always provided and healthy, organic meals are a nourishing part of the day.

Keekz Coffee House in Esquimalt has catered our last two retreats.  They believe in real food and real people and have been an excellent pairing for our retreats.

“Lovely food.  Lovely goodies.  Lovely day!”


Meditation, yoga, journalling and connection to other educators support the awakening of our wellbeing and nourishing our authentic selves.  Practices are inclusive of all levels and abilities.

Having time to write, reflect and share help to ingrain our self-care practices and understand what we are currently doing well and where we need to enhance our wellbeing.

“It was an amazing day and I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to come.  Thank you so much!”




Andrea Ting-Letts is our residential yoga instructor. She brings a depth of peace and authenticity to her practice and leads us in Yin, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra.  These practices support a deep sense of self and body awareness.


“My heart is open and I have set positive intentions that I feel I can take with me into my life.”

“I have never done a retreat such as this.  It was truly lovely and healing to take this time to step out of daily responsibilities.  I feel like I am leaving breathing more deeply.  Thank you!”

Contact Lisa Baylis at info@lisabaylis.com for details of our next retreat and check our Retreat page.



Thank you again to Angela McConnell for the beautiful images – please connect with her!




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