Take a deep breath, and join me.

Are you interested in Mindfulness and Self-Compassion,
but don’t know where to begin?

Start here – with some of my special events and programs.

Awe for Leaders:


West Coast Boutique Retreat:

April 12-14, 2024

Come join a group of educational leaders for a weekend of learning how to lead with fierce compassion, prioritize deep well-being for yourself within a school system, and deeply nourish your whole self.

Webinar Series: February

Topic: Self-Compassion and the Inner Critic

Starts: February 5th

Want to know more about how to quiet the critical thoughts in your head? What about ways to meet difficult moments and feelings?

Self-compassion is the antidote to so much of the ongoing stress in our lives. This session will build the foundation to meet yourself with kindness and care during moments of difficulty.


In this full webinar series: Month-by-month we explore important topics.


By signing up for this single session you get:

A Live webinar session and Two practice sessions

An exploration of how to grow your practice of self-compassion

Downloadable resources to deepen your exploration

Bonus interviews with world-renowned experts

Connection with community

And access to the content for the month.


Price: $95 + GST

The retreats I attended were a well balanced combination of introspection, connection, nourishment and movement. Thank you Lisa for facilitating so many amazing moments of mindful growth and self acceptance.”


Karen, Workshop participant

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