Dear Friends

I haven’t written lately because I didn’t know what to say. All the leaders in business and community building say the most important thing is to consistently show up. To ensure your community knows that you will be there for them. This makes so much sense until it’s December and you’re tired and you’re a teacher. I just couldn’t write and share when I had nothing to say.

So, I found myself this holiday, more than ever, really wanting to rest.
To fully turn off.

In fact, I just couldn’t find space for showing up or for giving anything more. So I didn’t. I turned off and I gave myself full permission to know that it was okay to not post, write and share every day, but instead model rest.

For me, this holiday was about modelling rest.

Turning off the expectations in my head.

Creating space for my family. 

Allowing for reflection and time for meditation

Gaining an understanding of my intentions for 2021. 

I gave myself permission for rest with less cleaning house and more puzzles, movies and books; for not writing holiday cards and more calling and walking with friends; for less baking and more supporting local bakers; for less time on screens and more time in nature. It was just what I needed.

By turning off and resting I opened more to the creative thoughts and ideas that run around in my head but I’m often too busy to hear. And what I thought about the most was giving myself compassionate permission to be okay with being a perfectly imperfect human being.  Wow what an idea!

As 2021 has arrived, you may have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and how you want to show up in the world this year. However, as past experience may have shown you, these promises made to ourselves at the beginning of each year are often broken or forgotten as the grind of daily life carries us along, back into old and familiar routines.

Or, you may have found that while you can keep up with a single resolution, it doesn’t increase your overall satisfaction and happiness.

So this year, I’d like to offer something different: Twelve Permissions – one for each month – that together will help you feel kinder, stronger, and calmer.

12 permission slips for 2021

  1. To show up just as you are
  2. To love yourself and treat yourself kindly
  3. To get to know your thoughts 
  4. To find beauty in life
  5. To keep growing and learning 
  6. To celebrate 
  7. To play
  8. To get to know your body 
  9. To grow your community
  10. To get to know your feelings 
  11. To practice gratitude 
  12. To pause 

I will share one per month in an email, as well as on my Instagram and Facebook Group platforms. Then as the month progresses I will offer practices, reflection questions and ideas around this permission. 
I hope you’ll join me on this journey throughout the year.

This year of doing less, striving less and instead, accepting ourselves just as we are… which is the first permission this month!

Here’s to going into 2021 with hope, compassion and kindness.

How will you give yourself permission to show up just as you are this month?
Email me and tell me, or even better join the Self-Compassion for Educators Facebook group and share your favourites with our community.

Lastly. I’ll be hosting a half-day online AWE retreat on Saturday, Feb 6th.
Save the date. More information and registration to come shortly.

Be well, everyone.

With kindness,

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