Mindfulness For Educators Year-long ONLINE Program

September 2023 – June 2024

Put compassion into action by using powerful, evidence-based compassionate principles, experiential tools, and practices.

You have navigated a global pandemic throughout the last several years with as much grace as possible amongst the ongoing challenges and the everchanging expectations. As we head into another new year, you may be ready for a fresh start and some new beginnings.

Designed for you and your school:


Open to anyone working in schools.


Deepen your mindfulness practice


Share mindfulness and self-compassion with students


Grow a culture of mindfulness at your school

Lisa Baylis

Lisa has a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. Her work involves creating positive change in and out of schools by supporting the well-being of educators, while simultaneously building resiliency and restoring the joy of teaching. Currently, she is a high school counsellor within the Greater Victoria School District. Trained by mindful self-compassion pioneers Chris Germer and Kristin Neff, Lisa is also a certified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher. She is the author of the best selling book “Self-Compassion for Educators” which is available now.

Stephanie Curran

Stephanie is a licensed Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and the owner of Elements of Health Centre in Victoria.  She is a certified instructor of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through Brown University and has completed teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting, Listening Mothers and Mindful Schools. As a parent, Stephanie is deeply moved and inspired to share the benefits of mindfulness with children, families and educators.  She leads a variety of programming and mindfulness initiatives in schools, workplaces and her community.

Program Structure

One sentence that speaks about it in an overarching manner before they dig into the details

Monthly Lessons

Learn how to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion into the curriculum for both you and students.

Guidance on Personal & Student Mindfulness Practice

How to deepen your mindfulness practice and teach mindfulness with Certified Mindfulness Instructors.

Retreat Experience & Access to Bonus Webinars

Immerse yourself in deep mindfulness retreat and professional development workshops, skills and community building.

Learn from Top Experts & World Renowned Guest Speakers

Scroll down to view your instructors and our list of 15 expert guest speakers

Self-paced Learning & Resources

The course runs from Sept 2022 – June 2023. All sessions are offered online via zoom and all curriculum, materials, and content is hosted through a web-based service.

Facilitated Small Group Activities

Learn how to embody, adapt, and share mindfulness practices across a variety of educational settings.

Themes we will explore:

Embodied Teaching

Deepen your personal practice, understand nervous system architecture and establish an intention as an educator.

Mindfulness as Intervention

Clinical considerations, mental health awareness, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Teaching the Mindful Lesson

Adapt mindfulness lessons for different needs and age groups within in-class and online settings.

Inclusivity and Social Justice

Implicit bias and working across identities.



Work with educator burn-out and build resiliency through self-compassion.


Making Adjustments

Difficult conversations, challenging relationships.

Creating the Container

Build relationships, behaviour and classroom management.


Science and Research

The science, studies and research behind meditation & mindfulness.

Expert Guest Speakers

Learn from experts in the world of mindfulness and education.

David Treleaven

Trauma-centre Mindfulness

Dominique Sullivan

Educator & Yoga Specialist

Nicole Libin

Mindfulness Educator and Author

Dr. Dzung Vo

Pediatrician & Mindfulness Practioner

Dr. Rick Hanson


Dr. Karen Bluth

Mindfulness and Self-compassion Teacher

Kristina Bare

Dharma Support & Therapy

Dr. Chris Willard

Psychologist & Education Consultant

Meena Srinivasan

Certified Teacher & Mindfulness Educator

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl

Social and Emotional Learning Expert

Monique Grey Smith

Best-selling Author, Speaker & Consultant

Helen Weng

Clinical psychologist and Neuroscientist

Sarah Schairer

Founder and Executive Director, Compassion It

Trevor Mackenzie

Teacher, author, speaker and inquiry consultant

Erin Woo

Assistant Director, Mindfulness in Education

Tovi Scruggs

Educator, Author, Principal

Sue Hutton

Mindfulness Teacher

Hear what past program participants have to say…

Consider this opportunity to bring your most passionate leaders together throughout the 22-23 school year to build their own skills of self-compassion and ripple the learning throughout the staff and students in your district.

“Being part of the year-long mindfulness program this year has been an invaluable support through an especially challenging year. This year I started a new full-time job and I also had my first child, which has been mostly wonderful but also exhausting.

One of the things that I found most helpful about the mindfulness cohort was the small group check-ins. We supported one another with our words and shared experiences, and most importantly, realized that we were not alone in our feelings of heightened stress and anxiety. The other teachers in my small group also brought some really lovely guided practices to our small group.”

Dylan Moore

Middle School Teacher

“Lisa and Stephanie’s year-long mindfulness program has been such a blessing, their weekly sessions have been so welcome and inspiring. Their messages were always what I needed to hear at the right time! I felt so supported and encouraged to grow and expand my understanding of mindfulness, which enriched my teaching and interactions with others in all parts of my life. I feel very lucky to be able to learn about and put the mindfulness practices introduced each month into play, and feel more grounded and energized each day. I would highly recommend taking the yearlong program and feeling supported by a wonderful community of educators and kindred spirits.”
Rosemary Symington

Kindergarten Teacher

“In a teaching year like no other, the Yearlong Mindfulness for Educators program has been such a crucial space for building and maintaining a personal practice, as well as an amazing place for connecting with other educators around a common passion. We have built a strong, caring community of educators who share ideas about how to bring mindfulness into our teaching practice and into our own lives. This amazing group is there to support and cheer each other on when the times are tough, and the weekly practices help to ground us in our mindful practice. Lisa and Stephanie are outstanding facilitators with so much experience and passion to share – their wisdom, their heart, and their care shines through in every single session. I cannot recommend this program highly enough!”
Skye Hermann

Learning Services Teacher

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Who is this course open to?

This course is open to anyone working in schools (pre-service to post-secondary), and is interested in deepening their own mindfulness practice, sharing mindfulness and self compassion with students, and growing a culture of mindfulness in their school.

What are the course objectives?

– To offer high-quality trauma-informed instruction and personal guidance that creates the conditions for educators of all backgrounds to deepen their own mindfulness practice.

– To provide practical training and transformational experiences that make it possible for educators to skilfully embody, adapt, and share mindfulness practices across a variety of educational settings and platforms.

– To enable meaningful connection and support from the growing mindfulness community in education and to empower educators as agents for positive change within their classrooms, online learning platforms and schools.

– To integrate mindfulness and self-compassion for both educators and students, as critical practices of SEL in both online and in-person learning.

How much time is needed for the course?

  • Biweekly 60 min group sessions (live)
  • Biweekly 30 min practice sessions (live)
  • Reading material and video content (recorded) – 45 – 60 min per month
  • TOTAL – 4hrs/month + commitment to 15-20 min personal daily practice
  • Approx 50 lessons with 15 experts around the world – no more than 60 min a week

How often do course participants meet?

Each month we will meet:

Week 1 – 30 min Practice Session, 30 min

Week 2 – Small Group Cohort, 45 – 60 min

Week 3 – Practice Session, 30 min

Week 4 – Large Group Gathering, 60min

What is the cost of the course?

Early Bird price offered in May. Receive $200 off!

$1499 + tax. Payment in installments available.

Regular price offered Aug.20-31

$1699 + tax.


Can I contact instructors if I have questions outside of scheduled sessions?

YES! We encourage you to contact instructors.

Lisa and Stephanie are available for questions, mentorship and support throughout the program. Their contact information will be given upon registration.


Where does the course take place?

All sessions are offered online via zoom and all curriculum, materials, and content will be hosted through a web based service.

What is the course schedule?

You can view the course schedule here.

Who is teaching the course?

The course is taught by Lisa Baylis and Stephanie Curran.


What tools are required to participate?

You will need a computer and we recommend a laptop or desktop for the live zoom sessions. iPads, iPhones and Chrome books have limited views and features. Ensure you have privacy, a quiet space, and will not be interrupted during the sessions.

Is the course self-paced?

Learning materials are self paced and can be completed on your own time throughout each month. Live sessions are scheduled for set times and will not be recorded.

What is your refund policy?

We understand life can throw curve balls and plans can change. That’s we we offer a full refund minus a $200 administration fee IF you’re not fully satisfied by September 30th (1-month into the course). We require written notification prior to September 30th to qualify for this refund.

If you decide to withdraw from the program before December 15th, you will receive 50% of the program fee back.

If you decide to withdraw from the program after December 15th, no refund can be offered.

It’s been a difficult few years.

As an educator, I know how hard it has been this year to show up in our classrooms and schools. You don’t have to do it alone next year. Please join our community and gain the support and connection necessary to grow your mindfulness practice and teach it to your students.


Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out and email Lisa with any questions regarding our Year-Long Program. info(at)lisabaylis.com


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