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During COVID I offered weekly Facebook Live videos to connect with educators around

  • resiliency,
  • mindfulness,
  • self-compassion,
  • and self-care.

I’ve placed a few other videos on Youtube.

EdCan Network Expert, Lisa’s been featured in #WellatWork with articles and podcasts about educator wellbeing.

There’s an enormous amount of pressure that’s put on educators – both from the workplace and from their own inner critic. This comes at a cost as educators are really good at putting others first yet often don’t look after their own well-being. Could self-care, mindfulness, and self-compassion be the answer?

Lisa was featured three times on the KindSight 101 Podcast with Morgane Michael. Have a listen.

McGraw Hill Education – Art of Teaching

Learning might be a science, but teaching is an art. Discover the stories, advice, and goals of educators across the country in the Art of Teaching project.  McGraw Hill is an online platform written by educators from a heart-centred space.  Check out Lisa’s blog post on Mindfulness!

BC Counsellor Magazine

The BC Counsellor is the print publication of the BC School Counsellors’ Association.  The magazine informs counsellors of programing, resources and learning available to support their counselling practice in schools. 

Heart-mind Conference

Heart-Mind 2018: Take Care of Yourself explored how self-acceptance, being kind to ourselves, and connection improves our well-being, and makes it possible for us to be more present and caring for the children and adults in our lives. The conference brought together leading minds that shared the latest science and practice of well-being in the context of education, parenting, mental health and more!  Participants enjoyed rich opportunities to connect with others, learn, laugh, be inspired, and experience some sparks that help ignite our own journey to well-being.
Lisa’s workshop “Awakening the Wellbeing of Educators” brought teachers from across the province together to discuss resliency.

A practice to keep you grounded, even amongst the chaos.

When all else is crazy around you, keep this 5-minute meditation as your gift.  Enjoy Lisa’s voice for a grounding of your feet to the floor - anywhere, anytime.

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