AWE METHOD presentations

Bringing tools and strategies to educators to help them create wellness habits by creating a culture of resiliency, self-regulation and awareness.


Through the AWE method, Lisa Baylis helps organizations create cultures of resiliency, self- compassion, and awareness. Educators develop wellness habits for themselves first, and then their families and classrooms second. This creates a ripple effect of wellbeing.
By learning the “ABCs” of wellbeing, educators dig deeper into the WHY, the HOW, and the WHAT we need to do to create school systems that support our wellbeing, and that of our students.

Past attendees continually attest to Lisa’s authentic and emotionally engaging speaking style — all with the type of lightness that can illuminate a room.


Anchoring Wellbeing for Educators

Learning WHY educator wellbeing is foundational.


Building a Bridge: From Knowing to Embodying

Embodying the HOW of educator wellbeing


Diving into the Seven C’s Wellbeing

We learn WHAT we need to do to awaken wellbeing by explore the seven C’s of wellbeing.


Learning WHY educator wellbeing is foundational.

This workshop helps educators understand why mindfulness and compassion are the fundamental first steps in helping to bring intentional presence back into any area of our classroom, school or personal life. Whether you’re a new teacher or an experienced educator you will understand why our personal practices will create a ripple of wellbeing around us. This workshop will help you learn to create more pause for you! 

Educators have the highest risk of burnout than any other occupation in the world. AWE workshops give refine habits and strategies to put wellbeing first.

  • Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and weary?
  • Do you find yourself counting the days to every long weekend, holiday or break in your very busy week?
  • When is the last time you gave yourself permission to pause and ask, “What can I do to truly care for myself at this moment?”


Embodying the HOW of educator wellbeing.

This half-day presentation elaborates on the AWE workshop to give time for experiential learning to deeper understand the aspects of mindful self-compassion
Participants will:

  • Understand mindfulness and self-compassion as conceptual theories
  • Design a plan to create habits and structures of wellbeing in their life and classroom
  • Learn to identify the “inner-critic” that is holding you back Practice meeting the struggles you face with self-compassion
  • Recognize the importance and skills of strategies to build positive culture and relationships within your school and classroom.


We learn WHAT we need to do to awaken wellbeing by explore the seven C’s of wellbeing.

 To create sustainable and enjoyable changes in our wellness practices for ourselves and within our school culture we will:

  • Deepen a mindfulness and compassion practice Learn to integrate the seven C principles for wellbeing:   courage – curiosity – community – clear your way – cultivate care – culture- compassion
  • Connect Social Emotional Learning to educator wellbeing
  • Understand why prioritizing wellbeing for staff enhances an inclusive school by enabling everyone’s strengths to thrive.


“Lisa’s gift of sharing makes her presentations unique and she is a powerhouse of in-depth knowledge and experiences that help educators take the next steps to understand mindfulness, compassion, and care for both
themselves and their students.”

Jason Earnshaw – District Vice-Principal, Saanich School District 

“With tremendous warmth and compassion, Lisa Baylis has inspired countless educators and leaders to create the foundation for wellbeing in their lives, classroom, and school.”

Sara Reside, Victoria High School Teacher

“Lisa Baylis is a positive force in spreading the uplifting message of teacher well-being as a positive educator and speaker, she’s been the impetus behind a growing
movement in our school district.”

Marnice Jones, District Coordinator Healthy, Safe and Caring Schools, Victoria, BC

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