10 Reasons to Join the Year-Long online Mindfulness for
Educators Program

Our yearlong program is designed for educators and school leaders who are passionate about transforming their schools and skillfully growing the impact of mindfulness in their classroom, school and across the district.  The skills, context, and experiences in the program will enable educators to share the practice of mindfulness in a wide range of educational settings and to adapt programming to their interests and needs.

Here are ten reasons why this program is a must for you as an educator!

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1.Grow and deepen your own personal mindfulness practice

Sharing mindfulness and compassion practices with others is most effective when it is offered from an educator who embodies the practice themselves.

2. Mentorship throughout the year

Be supported throughout the year by certified and experienced instructors.  There are also small cohort groups for peer mentorship and learning from one another.

3. Share with your students

Gain practices, exercises, and lessons for teaching mindfulness and compassion to your students (K-12).  Learn how to embody, adapt, and share mindfulness practices across a variety of educational settings.

4. Hear from leading experts in the field

Each month, listen to interviews with world-renowned experts on topics like trauma, neuroscience, and more!

5. Connection with community

Be a part of a supportive and caring community of like-minded educators who want to see mindfulness and compassion grow in schools.  

6. Transform yourself and your classroom 

Through year-long content, community, and connection.  Learn how to adapt and share mindfulness practices across a variety of educational settings.

7. Learn about the latest research

The YLMP content and curriculum is evidence-based, and the research is referenced and threaded into each module.

8. Be an agent of positive change 

Bring awareness and intentionality to how you show up in your life, with your students, and in your school 

9. Grow sustainable well-being

This has been a difficult year and many educators are feeling deeply depleted.  Learn tools and practices to support resiliency and to grow kindness and compassion. Accountability to your personal practice throughout the year provides a helpful foundation for well-being.

10. Incorporate mindfulness into SEL learning

Discover ways mindfulness fits into a social-emotional framework in schools

Register today and join our supportive and growing community.




A practice to keep you grounded, even amongst the chaos.

When all else is crazy around you, keep this 5-minute meditation as your gift.  Enjoy Lisa’s voice for a grounding of your feet to the floor - anywhere, anytime.

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